Our Story

How it all started...

Davison Missionary Church is a full member of the Missionary Church, Inc. This denomination was organized in its present form as a result of the 1969 merger of the missionary Church Association and the United Missionary Church. Both of these groups had their origins in revival movements that swept across north America in the late nineteenth century.

Many of the earlier members were Mennonites. At the time, this Christian sect had become caught up in a religion of empty form and declining tradition. The flames of revival sparked a renewed dynamic of Holy Spirit vitality that was not welcomed by leaders of their former churches. A passion to reach those who are without Christ seemed to be missing from the teaching of the day which simply was to draw away from the world. And so, for their testimony, a number were excommunicated. Under God’s direction, there came a resulting series of mergers that make up the denomination of the Missionary Church today.

The Davison Missionary Church began in April of 1957 under the leadership of Pastor John E. Tuckey, the Home Mission Superintendent of the Michigan District of the Missionary Church. The mission congregation was known as Davison Gospel Center and met in the Davison Township Fire Hall. Children sometimes called it the “Fire Engine Sunday School.”

The church was organized as a congregation of the Missionary Church in April of 1959. The first church building was constructed on three acres of ground at the present site in 1961. This original unit has been expanded by additions in 1970 and 1975. Additional property and a child care center have been purchased to minister to the needs of the community. Late in 1989, the Milsom Furniture Store was purchased and has been remodeled into our Family Center. These buildings are simply tools that God has given us to do His work in this community.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 10 am at DMC  and 11:30 am at The HUB.