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The Gospel of Mark: One Man and a Legion of Demons - Pastor Doug
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Christmas Eve Service

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December 24 - 5:00 pm

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Global Prayer Needs

Missionary Church Global Prayer Network

BURUNDI.  The new president is an evangelical Christian.  He is conducting prayer meetings in his home.  (Team Report)

WORLD.  The next generation is moving into leadership in the Great Commission.  In East Asia, all are in their 30’s.

AFGHANISTAN.  A Christian radio ministry had been receiving about 60 responses each month.  “As soon as thousands of churches in Latin America began praying this radio program began receiving hundreds then thousands of responses each month.  (Assist News Service)

AMERICA.  There are now tens of thousands of Messianic Jews in the United States alone; some estimate as many as 1.2 million.  Messianic synagogues are reported springing up in almost every major city across the U.S. (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America)

JORDAN, LEBANON.  Despite terrifying danger, Christian leaders are hosting courageous teams to help the unbelievably abused refugees.  A team from “Joni and Friends” brought another container of wheelchairs and got national attention!  (Jones Newsletter)

TURKEY.  Pray for victory over unexpected difficulties that are preventing a launching of new gospel telecasts into Turkey.  Ask God to guide technicians to release these programs.  (SAT-7)

NORTH AFRICA.  Thousands of gospel seed materials were distributed to North African travelers last summer.  Call on the Lord now to germinate the seed and bring a host of Muslim people to Himself.  (Operation Transit)

BURMA (MYANMAR).  The Naga people live in remote areas where Buddhism and worship of demons are prevalent.  Pray for local Burmese ministries who have been sharing their lives in Christ with villagers there.  By God’s grace they have planted six churches in six villages.  (ANS)

MYANMAR.  A major political party is requesting Christian training for all their leaders in Transformational Leadership.  Pray for preparations in this miraculous open door.  (Hal Jones)

Missionary Church Global Prayer Network

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